Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans

Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans

Hi, I’m Mariella.  I am in solitary confinement. Isolation. Self-quarantine. Call it what you want – but it is a black quiet void of nothingness. For the past, 40 years I have never stayed in the same country for longer than a month at a stretch. I have been an executive traveller all my life and now I am a travel blogger.


These last couple of days have been crazy, to say the least.


Corona Virus and Your Travel plans have definitely not been in tandem nor are they shaking hands and parting as friends any day soon.


The travel business is experiencing billions of dollars of loss.  But travellers are experiencing bewilderment, aborted memories which were still in gestation, and financial loss.


Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans – What’s going on?


If you were planning to have a short Easter Break or an Early Spring break it is becoming clear that this is not going to happen. As more and more countries zip up their borders, minimize flights and others are going into total lockdown, it is becoming more evident that travel for pleasure is not an option.


As I said, I am writing this post from quarantine and solitary confinement.  To be honest, it is not so bad.  I have a lovely view from my apartment window, I am surrounded by all the things that I am familiar with and I am healthy.  It is a precaution.  In the past two weeks, before I arrived home to Malta, I was travelling in Singapore, Jakarta and Bali and this has necessitated self-isolation.


The rapid evolvement of events is leaving us breathless, confused and bewildered.  Every day there is a new piece of information and some more warnings.


I am not a health expert by any measure, but I have a degree of common sense so here is my two cents worth of the situation.


Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans – Rethink


As the Corona Virus grips the world with a pandemic fever around the globe many travellers have been left scrambling in a city which is not their home with no option to return.  Others are scurrying to see how best to mitigate and cancel their flights (if they are not already cancelled) and get a refund on their accommodation.


Cancelled flights due to Covid19

Cancelled Flights are now the Norm not the Exception

Here are some highlights that have enfolded in the past few days:


America has the largest traveling market.  Many travelers returning the weekend of the 14th March back to the US from abroad were met with endless queues and massive confusion.
Other airports particularly in Europe, who have taken precautions a week earlier are eerie and the deadly silence is more akin to a graveyard.
The enhanced screening for fever around every corner (In Singapore I have seen it even in hotel entrances) somewhat mitigates the fear of contagion.
Donald Trump has imposed European Travel Restrictions.  All foreigners who travelled around Europe in the past 15 days are banned from entering the US. This came into effect Friday 13th and yes it is an ominous date to be remembered.
Naturally, the ban has created a wave of confusion and anxiety on whom it would exactly impact. But just to set the record straight, anyone who is a permanent resident in the United States (even if he was visiting family or friends in Europe) is not impacted but maybe (like me subject to quarantine).
Major cruise liners are now wrapping up their last voyage., Cruise operations are being suspended indefinitely and until further notice. Worse still there are several cruise liners which are stranded at seas because they have confirmed cases of Covid19 on board.
do I require quarantine if I travel

Quarantine is enforceable everywhere in the world

Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans – The Reality Show


Life is not a rehearsal, this is the reality show that we are living today. Notwithstanding the fact that many like myself have the wanderlust to discover different countries, experience different ethnic cultures and even enjoy the freedom of the unknown – travel as we have become used to it recently is no longer on the agenda in the foreseeable future. Covid 19 has amongst other things, destroyed your travel plans.


Corona Virus may have destroyed your travel plans but it has actually also taken a huge bite into our integrity as human beings. In this situation, people do become desperate and we are experiencing shortages from toilet paper to foodstuffs to sanitizers.


We are one entire nation experiencing exactly the same fears, risks and need for self-preservation. The pandemic is unprecedented but it is the fear, negligence and avarice that is showing up its ugly heads. There is less risk of contracting Corona than there is the risk of losing your work and your joy for life in reality – if you follow basic sanitary rules.


I do not know how many victims will die from Corona but I do know that the worldwide economy is going to be crippled for a long time and many are going to be a casualty – not necessary from infection of Covid19 but as an incidence to it.



Covid-19 Economic Crisis

Covid-19 Economic Crisis

Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans – The Positive Side

Your Travel plans may be curtailed in the near future – but that does not stop you from discovering the immediate world around you! This is the time to get to know your children, and this is the time, where it is perfectly safe to prepare a picnic, take the car and go for a long walk in some remote area by the sea, lakes or mountains.


It is time to hold hands and help each other.  Everyone is afraid. We are all under the same sky but it is not the end of the world.  It is the beginning of a new one.  One that should have a little bit more empathy and less frenzy.



Corona Virus and Your Travel Plans

Corona Virus – Time to virtually hold hands and support each other

For those in Quarantine but still, Wish to Travel – my Last Bit of Advice


We are living in a wonderful world of high technology. There is so much information available everywhere. I have seen a cute elderly with bathers and towel robes sipping cocktails in their living room and wearing 3D Immersive Glasses and watching the sea out of their TV.  It may sound humorous but there is nothing to stop us exploring the world virtually and from the comfort of our homes!


I recommend the cute read by Fox 13 – of the Australian couple who have recreated their cruise experience in their living after their trip got cancelled due to Covid 19


What is your opinion about this?  I would love to hear from you – just leave a comment in the comment box below.

Warm regards to everyone…

Business Lounge Doha

Last Moments in Doha Airport before flight to Malta and Self Quarantine





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